Sunday, April 6, 2008

By way of Introduction...

This is our family and, like all other parents, we're thoroughly pleased to watch them grow and begin to have families of their own.
We added a daughter when Nathan married Cynthia almost three years ago. The two little ones on Gpa and Gma's laps are their girls, Madison and Trinity. Then Tracie and Ricky were married in Santiago, Chile, just over two years ago and now have our newest granddaughter, Isabella. Jon is graduating from High School this year and pursuing an electrician's apprenticeship . Gabe is a sophomore, already making plans for college. We couldn't be more pleased with all that's happening.

Back on line...

Well Everyone,
After so long a time of not posting such that we forgot both our username and password, we're now back on.
This just reveals how distant we are from all the latest social tools.

Phone call, no problem. Snail mail, no problem. Even email, and we're good with that; but the Blog World is on that proverbial edge.

That said, we're still open to here we go again.

More later...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Getting into the Swing of Blogging

This is our first attempt to introduce ourselves to family and friends through blogging. With time, we hope to have more (and hopefully more interesting) information about the life and times of this Heuton family.